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Vote Scott Wise 4 congress in the May GOP primary

Scott Wise for Congress

Scott is running for Indiana’s 3rd district U.S. House seat in the GOP primary. Scott believes in America as founded, and understands the intentional undermining of America’s founding ideals, and the bipartisan push towards globalism at the expense of American sovereignty. Scott believes a diminished land of the free and home of the brave also diminishes the future of the human condition.

Scott is disturbed by the corruption that is festering, and now seems to have formed a cabal that includes our media, our large corporations, leaders in our educational system, and much of our government bureaucracy, as well as both political parties.

Scott believes truth, freedom, and justice will prvail in the end, because God is on the side of truth, freedom, and justice. Scott is willing to selflessly stand for Americans against this seemingly overwhelming tide of deceit that seems to negate known facts, and repeat lies until believed to be true.

Scott has watched our government and federal institutions rot, and has sought this office before. Scott will energetically campaign throughout the 3rd district, and humbly requests others to join, who oppose the globalism that forces America towards socialism, the corruption that sacrifices America for profit, and the failures in our educational system that allow our population to be manipulated.

Please support and join Scott as he works to restore our Republic.