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Hi, I’m Scott. I started following national and international affairs at a young age. Being born in 1967, there were not many my age tuned into the 1972 Olympics, or Watergate. Growing up, I preferred to watch the news on television, and actively read magazines and newspapers. By the time I went to college, I had already become jaded by the one-sided coverage of the media. Around that time, I actually thought of writing Rupert Murdoch, about leveraging his newspaper empire and Sky News to launch a rival to CNN. I guess he didn’t need my encouragement.

I took all the courses I could in college to better understand our government and the rest of the world. European Politics, Central American Politics, History of the Modern Middle East, Strategic Nuclear Theory, and many other courses served to inform me. Like my epiphany with the media, I certainly understood the socialist leanings of college and university staffs and administrations.

It was clear to me that one had to consume as much information as possible, and then decide for oneself. That is how I have conducted my life. I have won and lost, I have loved and been heartbroken. I have been flat broke, and busted at times, I have been successful at times, and I understand there is no certainty about the future.

I am married, have 7 step-children, and my wife and I are raising our 9 year old grandson. My time on this earth is short compared to his, and I stand to fight for his future and the future of his kids as well as future Americans. They deserve to live in the greatest country the world has ever known, as we have. That future is not certain either.

I am disturbed at what I see in the world and distressed at what I see in America. Much of our country doesn’t even understand what it is America is supposed to be. Our government lies to us without remorse. They double down on lies, as they know they will never pay the price. Our government is spending us into oblivion. I studied economics, and in my view, the only reason our currency has not already collapsed, is because the world has needed us and our currency, but they seem to be getting wise to our mis-management, our manipulation, and our bullshit.

There was a time when I idolized big name Republicans in leadership. I lost faith sometime during the George W. Bush administration, when I realized a former border state Governor did not seem very interested in securing the border as president. Too many republicans talked a good game but didn’t have the stomach for the work that needed done.

More than 40 years ago, Ronald Reagan promised us a smaller government. Conservative Republicans have been running on that concept every since. I fell for it. Regan got a lot of heat for having the first Trillion dollar budget. Today we spend more than $7 Trillion. Reagan also got hammered by the national debt reaching $3 Trillion. Today it is more than $30 Trillion. Our annual budget is 7 times larger, our debt is 30 times more, but our population isn’t even 2 times more. One might argue that we make more money, but wages have only doubled.

No matter how you slice it, the American people have gotten hosed, and the politicians and bureaucrats have gotten fat.

I’m Scott Wise, and I hope you will help me speak the unspeakable, and cast a spotlight on the lies. Please support my campaign, and share with your friends and neighbors the need to vote Wise.

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