Banana Republic

Wise says “We look like a Banana Republic that we would lecture on the treatment of political opponents”

Chairman Xi, likely has a grin today.  If anyone mentions how he made his predecessor disappear,  he merely needs point to the “leader of the Free World”.  The persistent pursuit of Donald Trump on the flimsiest of merit is truly unprecedented.  It is like we have seen in repressive regimes over time.

We must all understand it is not about Donald Trump, however they do wish to make an example of him.  Dare to stand against the establishment, and this is what will become of you.  Who could pay the lawyers, who could withstand the constant barrage of lies and mischaracterizations?

This is at its core about control of America. This is about setting aside American exceptionalism and imposing socialist policies in the name of the climate, DEI, ESG to cripple American Ingenuity, and spirit. This is about globalism, this is about corruption, this is about modern progressivism, and the surrendering of America to the socialist world and likely Chinese hegemony!

In this case the ruling class cannot allow someone who gives voice to the people gain traction in politics and government.  Everything must be done to squash any sign of the people’s views being asserted.

It is clear they were desperate, as we do look like some 3rd world country that has to have other countries “remind” them about political repression.  That is what is going on here, and many are coming to understand it.  Like Donald Trump, or not, this is not how we have treated our politicians, nor is it how we suggest other countries treat their former heads of state.  It is how you treat the political viewpoint you wish to banish.  This is how you suppress the people’s voice.

I am looking forward to helping Donald Trump take a buzzsaw to the federal bureaucracy. If they are successful in keeping him from being elected, my every breath will tirelessly work to shed this albatross. There is no greater service that can be provided this country than the restoration of the American people’s voice.

My name is Scott Wise, and I hope to earn your vote in the May GOP primary (IN 3rd).

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