Overhaul the FBI and DOJ, and virtually eliminate the Department of Education

In my view, our federal government is off the rails.  This condition is not limited to the daily stories of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, but they certainly do highlight the problem.  When federal institutions become so highly politicized, the preferred political agenda of the party in control becomes the agenda of the nation, political loyaltyContinue reading “Overhaul the FBI and DOJ, and virtually eliminate the Department of Education”

Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 7/17/23 Scott Wise Announces Congressional Bid to Champion Education and Restore Founding American Ideals Columbia City, IN – 46725 – Scott Wise, a dedicated advocate for empowering Americans, and restoring the principles that make this country exceptional, officially announces his bid for the Republican nomination in the upcoming May 2024 GOP primaryContinue reading “Press Release”

Welcome to Scott Wise’s Congressional website

Hi, I’m Scott. I started following national and international affairs at a young age. Being born in 1967, there were not many my age tuned into the 1972 Olympics, or Watergate. Growing up, I preferred to watch the news on television, and actively read magazines and newspapers. By the time I went to college, IContinue reading “Welcome to Scott Wise’s Congressional website”