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Scott believes this is the biggest issue for the future of America, and partially responsible for most of our other problems. America’s founding was rooted in the concept of limited government, personal property, and individual liberty. In Scott’s view these “new ideas” for structuring government led to the greatest advancement of the human condition in the history of the world. Sadly, our students, intentionally in Scott’s view, are exposed to very little of, the uniqueness of America, or the responsibility we all have in a self-governing country.

In Scott’s view, we must intentionally teach the value of limited government, personal property, individual liberty, and capitalism. They have all served us well. Ensuring we understand what America is supposed to be, fixes many other issues. This understanding would make us much less easy to manipulate. Scott also believes we should face the fact that, the Department of Education has been an abject failure, and the federal role should be eliminated other than to ensure the states adequately teach the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and that we should return all the money we save, to the states so long as they demonstrate they teach those concepts adequately.


Our entire government, it seems, is corrupt. This is our biggest security issue, and a much larger threat than any foreign government. This is not a democrat or republican thing, but a ruling class thing, and at this point, the media, academia, and our big corporations are playing together against freedom, liberty, and justice. Washington runs on grift, and the grifters look the other way for each other. This is why our institutions encourage, and assist illegal immigration, this is why our media/government look the other way, while China runs off with the family jewels, and this is why we push an ever increasingly socialist agenda.

In Scott’s mind, the flow of money into this country to influence our political and/or legislative process must be eliminated. Foreign countries throwing money around to influence our educators, our media providers, and/or our state and local institutions, must be eliminated. Scott also believes that laws have been broken, that selective prosecution is rampant, that our nation has been betrayed, and some should go to jail.

Our biggest threat is ourselves, and we must address this before we concern ourselves with enemies from far away lands.


Real leadership is based on trust, and character. We have very little real leadership in Washington. We the people understand, our friends and foes alike understand, America cannot be trusted, and an objective analysis makes it hard to claim we demonstrate good Character. America led the world to greatness, and now seems eager to lead the world back to bondage.

In Scott’s view, we must stand for truth, even when it is ugly, we must stand for justice, especially for the powerless, and the American way must be re-awakened. We have always been a people that have put on our boots, stood ourselves up, and figured out a way. Scott believes real leadership must be restored in Washington. Until we demonstrate good character, and can be trusted, we cannot lead. Scott longs for the time when, again, American leads the free world.

Other Issues

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