Banana Republic

Wise says “We look like a Banana Republic that we would lecture on the treatment of political opponents”

Chairman Xi, likely has a grin today.  If anyone mentions how he made his predecessor disappear,  he merely needs point to the “leader of the Free World”.  The persistent pursuit of Donald Trump on the flimsiest of merit is truly unprecedented.  It is like we have seen in repressive regimes over time.

We must all understand it is not about Donald Trump, however they do wish to make an example of him.  Dare to stand against the establishment, and this is what will become of you.  Who could pay the lawyers, who could withstand the constant barrage of lies and mischaracterizations?

This is at its core about control of America. This is about setting aside American exceptionalism and imposing socialist policies in the name of the climate, DEI, ESG to cripple American Ingenuity, and spirit. This is about globalism, this is about corruption, this is about modern progressivism, and the surrendering of America to the socialist world and likely Chinese hegemony!

In this case the ruling class cannot allow someone who gives voice to the people gain traction in politics and government.  Everything must be done to squash any sign of the people’s views being asserted.

It is clear they were desperate, as we do look like some 3rd world country that has to have other countries “remind” them about political repression.  That is what is going on here, and many are coming to understand it.  Like Donald Trump, or not, this is not how we have treated our politicians, nor is it how we suggest other countries treat their former heads of state.  It is how you treat the political viewpoint you wish to banish.  This is how you suppress the people’s voice.

I am looking forward to helping Donald Trump take a buzzsaw to the federal bureaucracy. If they are successful in keeping him from being elected, my every breath will tirelessly work to shed this albatross. There is no greater service that can be provided this country than the restoration of the American people’s voice.

My name is Scott Wise, and I hope to earn your vote in the May GOP primary (IN 3rd).

Overhaul the FBI and DOJ, and virtually eliminate the Department of Education

In my view, our federal government is off the rails.  This condition is not limited to the daily stories of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, but they certainly do highlight the problem.  When federal institutions become so highly politicized, the preferred political agenda of the party in control becomes the agenda of the nation, political loyalty begins to determine legal outcomes, and the expansion of government infringes on individual liberty.  All of this allows partisan loyalty to overshadow transparency, corruption and abuse of power begin to erode individual liberty, and the concept of limited government, and the polarization/division begin to erode our sense of unity.

Add to this the lack of understanding of who America is and what America stands for, and you have the perfect storm we face today.

We are now in our 7th year of desperately searching for something that would remove/disqualify Donald J. Trump from any important aspect of our governance.  In that time, we have seen no shortage of important, plugged in movers and shakers, that seemingly could not possibly be charged with a crime, even though the evidence of a crime is dripping from them.  If you are loyal to the progressive agenda, you seemingly have all the protection in the world, but if you are loyal to the concept of limited government, and individual liberty, you clearly must be prosecuted in a manner that makes an example of you.  There isn’t even a fear of saying the quiet part out loud.

Our federal government no longer feels bound by the constitution.  Our federal government lies to us routinely.  Our federal government seems to work towards the undermining of our children and grandchildren’s future.  For these reasons, and to preserve our republic, I call for an overhaul, and/or elimination of several key cabinet level departments of our Federal Government.

The FBI and DOJ clearly have crossed into the realm of political advocacy.  Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, and everything about the investigations into each, juxtapositioned with the Donald Trump investigations, and how everyone associated with him was treated, illustrate clearly the issue.  The only way the FBI, and DOJ should be allowed to continue to exist as they are, is if there is a thorough house cleaning, and those organizations can return to objective law enforcement.  The most reliable way to do that is to rebuild them from the ground up.

The Department of Education should be nearly eliminated.  States can see to the education of their citizens, and the Department of Education’s only role should be to return the money to the states if they teach the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Our country will only survive as the beacon of freedom if our citizens understand how unique our country is, and how important it is to protect our founding ideals.

Generally, our government has grown much faster than our population or inflation.  Since 1985, our population has grown by .33%, our annual budget has grown 700%, and our national debt has grown 1000%.  It is staggering, and considering the inflation has been nearly non-existent, and wages have only doubled, the result is a much larger federal bureaucracy working daily to ensure its continued existence rather than ensuring liberty, freedom, and security.

It is for these reasons that I call for the Congress to overhaul the FBI, and the DOJ, as well as nearly eliminate the Department of Education.  Once complete, a reduction in the size and scope of our government as a whole is required to weaken our federal bureaucracy enough that citizens once again control the fate of our republic.  It is our choice.  Send people to congress who will seize control of our future from the “deep state” or sentence our progeny to the mediocracy of socialist Europe, and hand the future to the communist Chinese.

Scott Wise


Press Release


Scott Wise Announces Congressional Bid to Champion Education and Restore Founding American Ideals

Columbia City, IN – 46725 – Scott Wise, a dedicated advocate for empowering Americans, and restoring the principles that make this country exceptional, officially announces his bid for the Republican nomination in the upcoming May 2024 GOP primary for Indiana’s 3rd U.S. House district.

With a deep commitment to America and a passion for preserving the foundations of our great nation, Scott Wise aims to equip our citizens with the knowledge and understanding of the positive aspects of our founding ideals. He strongly believes that by ensuring we have informed citizens, we can root out corruption, uphold the concept of limited government, and protect individual liberty.

For nearly 20 years, Scott has worked for Warner Electric in Columbia City, IN performing roles of increasing responsibility.  Additionally, Scott has served on the Whitley County Council, the Columbia City Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Weatherhead Federal Credit Union Board of Directors, and has donated time to many organizations, and youth sports teams.  Scott is 56 years old, married, and has worked and lived his entire life in NE Indiana.  Scott graduated from Westview Jr. Sr. High School, IU – South Bend, also attended Ball State University, and has completed lean/Six Sigma training with Purdue University.

As a respected leader in the community, team builder, and advocate, Scott Wise brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of delivering results. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to empowering individuals and emphasizing a love of country and our founding principles. He firmly believes that education is the cornerstone of a thriving society and the key to unlocking the full potential of our future leaders.

Scott Wise’s campaign will focus on the following core pillars:

1.            Education for Empowerment: Scott Wise understands that a well-informed citizenry is vital to the preservation of our democracy. He will champion initiatives that equip our citizens with a comprehensive understanding of America’s founding principles, promoting critical thinking, patriotism, and civic engagement. By instilling these values, we can foster a sense of responsibility and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

2.            Rooting Out Corruption: Scott Wise is deeply committed to restoring integrity in government. He will tirelessly work to identify and address instances of corruption that undermine the principles of limited government and individual liberty. Through transparent governance, ethical leadership, and accountable representation, he will fight to restore the public’s trust in our political system.

3.            Championing Limited Government: Scott Wise firmly believes that a government restrained by the Constitution is essential to safeguarding individual liberties. He will advocate for policies that prioritize fiscal responsibility, reduce bureaucratic overreach, and promote free-market principles. By fostering an environment of limited government, we can unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, encourage economic growth, and secure a brighter future for all Americans.

Scott Wise’s campaign is built on the belief that by investing in education, upholding the principles of limited government, and eradicating corruption, we can ensure that Indiana’s 3rd U.S. House district remains a beacon of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.

Join Scott Wise’s campaign to restore America’s founding ideals, empower our youth, and shape a future that embraces liberty, integrity, and exceptionalism.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Scott Wise


Welcome to Scott Wise’s Congressional website

Hi, I’m Scott. I started following national and international affairs at a young age. Being born in 1967, there were not many my age tuned into the 1972 Olympics, or Watergate. Growing up, I preferred to watch the news on television, and actively read magazines and newspapers. By the time I went to college, I had already become jaded by the one-sided coverage of the media. Around that time, I actually thought of writing Rupert Murdoch, about leveraging his newspaper empire and Sky News to launch a rival to CNN. I guess he didn’t need my encouragement.

I took all the courses I could in college to better understand our government and the rest of the world. European Politics, Central American Politics, History of the Modern Middle East, Strategic Nuclear Theory, and many other courses served to inform me. Like my epiphany with the media, I certainly understood the socialist leanings of college and university staffs and administrations.

It was clear to me that one had to consume as much information as possible, and then decide for oneself. That is how I have conducted my life. I have won and lost, I have loved and been heartbroken. I have been flat broke, and busted at times, I have been successful at times, and I understand there is no certainty about the future.

I am married, have 7 step-children, and my wife and I are raising our 9 year old grandson. My time on this earth is short compared to his, and I stand to fight for his future and the future of his kids as well as future Americans. They deserve to live in the greatest country the world has ever known, as we have. That future is not certain either.

I am disturbed at what I see in the world and distressed at what I see in America. Much of our country doesn’t even understand what it is America is supposed to be. Our government lies to us without remorse. They double down on lies, as they know they will never pay the price. Our government is spending us into oblivion. I studied economics, and in my view, the only reason our currency has not already collapsed, is because the world has needed us and our currency, but they seem to be getting wise to our mis-management, our manipulation, and our bullshit.

There was a time when I idolized big name Republicans in leadership. I lost faith sometime during the George W. Bush administration, when I realized a former border state Governor did not seem very interested in securing the border as president. Too many republicans talked a good game but didn’t have the stomach for the work that needed done.

More than 40 years ago, Ronald Reagan promised us a smaller government. Conservative Republicans have been running on that concept every since. I fell for it. Regan got a lot of heat for having the first Trillion dollar budget. Today we spend more than $7 Trillion. Reagan also got hammered by the national debt reaching $3 Trillion. Today it is more than $30 Trillion. Our annual budget is 7 times larger, our debt is 30 times more, but our population isn’t even 2 times more. One might argue that we make more money, but wages have only doubled.

No matter how you slice it, the American people have gotten hosed, and the politicians and bureaucrats have gotten fat.

I’m Scott Wise, and I hope you will help me speak the unspeakable, and cast a spotlight on the lies. Please support my campaign, and share with your friends and neighbors the need to vote Wise.